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Episode 88 - The Best of 2022 selected by Mack the Knife, Robbie C and C Smoove - Breaks FM Sunday 2nd Jan 2022
Episode 87 - Vinyl Touch Xmas Party on Breaks FM (C Smoove AtB)

Episode 87 - Vinyl Touch Xmas Party on Breaks FM (C Smoove AtB)

December 18, 2021
1 MKII Rhythm Is Moving (Original Mix) Dansu Discs
2 Sian Evans, Russell Small, DNO P Centremental feat. Sian Evans (Deekline Extended Remix) Tinted Records
3 Overmono So U Kno (Original Mix) Poly Kicks
4 Rhythmic Journey Different Kind Of Love (Original Mix) ONE7AUDIO
5 Deibeat Rise Up (Freestylers Remix) Toast & Jam Recordings
6 Liquid Morphine (Original Mix) Kniteforce Records
7 Bowser, FM-3 Goodbye (Original Mix) 83
8 Warrior Queen, LSN Focus Life Energy (Original Mix) Artikal Music UK
9 The Darrow Chem Syndicate Hymn Of The Moog (Hankook & Destroyers Remix) Nipponeer Records
10 Rasco A-Test 2022 (Original Mix) Elektroshok Records
11 Multiply Raving Crew (Original Mix) SOUNDSYSTEM BASSROCK
12 Case 82 Need My Love (Original Mix) 13monkeys Records
13 Alt-A Level The Funk (Original Mix) Toast & Jam Recordings
14 Detach Africa (Extended Mix) InBeatWeTrust Music
15 SevenG, Paket Sweet Funk (Original Mix) Guachinche Records
16 Destroyers, Guau No Time (Original Mix) Elektroshok Records
17 Yankee, Majestic Noise Where It Comes (Original Mix) Distorsion Records
18 MKII Return (Original Mix) Dansu Discs
19 Lovvers Return Aka Luis Pitti About You (Original Mix) Breaks Club Records
Episode 86 - Breaks FM 5th December 2021 (C Smoove)

Episode 86 - Breaks FM 5th December 2021 (C Smoove)

December 6, 2021
1 Cut & Paste Ghost Dance Hot Cakes Deeper
2 Khoiser Set Me Free (SRS Edition) Breaks Club Records
3 Return of the Jaded Be The Reason (Extended Mix) SPINNIN' DEEP
4 Lord Leopard Dawn Break (Original Mix) Alfresco Disco
5 Herve Cheesy Quaver Hardcore Energy
6 Mathman Rollin' Out (To The Crew) (Original Flex) (Original Flex) DistroKid
7 Deekline & Firestar Soundsystem Pickle Head Hot Cakes Deeper
8 Ondamike, Mark Vee Ragga Tip (Original Mix) Ravesta Records
9 Cut & Paste Redemption Hot Cakes Deeper
10 Ondamike RokIt (2021 Mix) Ravesta Records
11 Case 82 Control (Original Mix) 13monkeys Records
12 Bowser Angels (Original Mix) Wasted
13 Eztereo Caelum (Extended Mix) Close Your Eyes
14 Skream 'Sad Days' (Original Mix) IFEEL
15 Chevy One Late Night Dialing (Original Mix) Toast & Jam Recordings
16 Noto Daylight (feat. Moses York) (Original Mix) Jadu Dala
17 Herve Live Together Hardcore Energy
18 MKII Can't You See Hardcore Energy
19 MAKJ Night Ends (SAY SAY Extended Remix) Armada Music
Episode 85 - TVT Take Over - Breaks FM 9 Oct 2021

Episode 85 - TVT Take Over - Breaks FM 9 Oct 2021

October 11, 2021
1   Forge (Framewerk Full On Mix) Bedrock Bedrock Records
2   Tomb Raver (Original Mix) Richie Blacker Of Unsound Mind
3   Oxygen (Franky Wah Extended Mix) Gorgon City, Aura James Positiva
4   Take Me Away (Original Mix) Guau 83
5   Higher (Original Mix) Mani Festo Flightpath
6   Piano Party (Original Mix) Case 82 13monkeys Records
7   Euphoria Future Flex Hardcore Energy
8   Passion 2021 (Deekline vs. Origin8a & Propa Extended Remix) Amen UK Central Station Records
9   Jump Up (Algorithmic Funk Base Remix) DJ 33, Pinky Elektroshok Records
10   BreakDance (VIP Mix) Ondamike Ravesta Records
11   Look At (SellRude Remix) JottaFrank SPACE PIZZA Records
12   Fever (Original Mix) Keith Mackenzie Hot Cakes
13   Get Down (Original Mix) Loopcrashing 83
14   I Am feat. Plump DJs (Original Mix) Freestylers, Plump DJs Mama's Pie
15   You Make Me Feel (Infiniti (Scott Christina) Remix Radio Edit) Deibeat Toast & Jam Recordings
16   Take It Back (Wasted Crew Remix) Suga7 Wasted
17   Fantasy (Club Mix) Ondamike Ravesta Records
18   Lighter Massive (Original Mix) 6Blocc, Tribe Steppaz SOUNDSYSTEM BASSROCK
Episode 84 - Breaks FM3 October 2021 - Robbie C and C Smoove
Episode 83 -TVT Sessions on Breaks FM 11 Sept 2021 (C Smoove)
Episode 82 - TVT Sessions on Breaks FM 14th August 2021 ( C Smoove)

Episode 82 - TVT Sessions on Breaks FM 14th August 2021 ( C Smoove)

September 12, 2021
1 Bakey Take it Further (Original Mix) Time Is Now Records
2 Rene Lavice, Stanton Warriors Jump feat. Knytro, Deadly (Original Mix) DeVice
3 Rasco, Specimen A Yesterday (Original Mix) Hot Cakes
4 Mowty Mahlyka, Baymont Bross Clean Up Your Ways (Mutantbreakz Remix) Hot Cakes
5 The Darrow Chem Syndicate Imminent The Bomb (Kid Panel Remix) Nipponeer Records
6 Kid Panel Bring The Funk Back (Original Mix) Elektroshok Records
7 Digital Base, Andy Vibes Imagination (Original Mix) Old Skool Records
8 Zero G Ways Of The Underground (Original Mix) Dub Shotta
9 Temgri Ravers (Original Mix) Elektroshok Records
10 The Darrow Chem Syndicate Here And Now (Kid Panel Remix) Nipponeer Records
11 The Darrow Chem Syndicate My Daddy 'SUGA' (Huda Hudia & DJ30A Remix) Nipponeer Records
12   Herve - Together (Origin8a & Propa Remix)  
13 Deibeat Hit The Dancefloor (Specimen A Remix) Toast & Jam Recordings
14 INSPIRED (RU) In Beat We Trust (Firestar Soundsystem Remix) InBeatWeTrust Music
15 Chris Royal Bang feat. Untold (Original Mix) Multiplayer Records
16 Private Caller Backwards (Original Mix) Hardcore Energy
17 Redlight Cassini (Original Mix) Dream Vision Future
18 Trampa, Nolay All Night feat. Nolay (Original Mix) Never Say Die Records
19 Rasco The Dark Knight Rider (Original Mix) Elektroshok Records
20 Bowser, FM-3 Gun Fingers (Original Mix) Banana Club
21 Multiply Hackney Siege (Original Mix) Distorsion Records
Episode 81 - Breaks FM 1 August (C Smoove)

Episode 81 - Breaks FM 1 August (C Smoove)

August 10, 2021
1 Left/Right, Nick Van House Forget About It (feat. Denitia) (Original Mix) IN / ROTATION (Insomniac Records)
2 Just Her Away From Here (Extended Mix) Selador
3 Warung Illusive (Original Mix) W&O Street Tracks
4 GVN I Don't (Extended Mix) Anjunabeats
5 Robbie Doherty Colours (Extended Mix) AVENU
6 Just Her All We Have Is Now (Extended Mix) Colorize (Enhanced)
7 Because of Art Essence (Original Mix) Alkaane
8 GVN, gardenstate Take Me There (Extended Mix) Anjunabeats
9 Fubu, Litening Heaven (UR2wo Remix) Champion Records
10 Stanton Warriors Down On (Original Mix) Punks
11 Digital Base, Andy Vibes The Preacher (Original Mix) Old Skool Records
12 Frankie Wah Come Together MOS
13 Brothers Of Funk Tear It Up (Original Mix) Ravesta Records
14 Piero Pirupa Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (Extended Mix) SPINNIN' DEEP
15 Herve Together (Illegal Bass Extended Mix) Hardcore Energy
16 Krafty Kuts, Atari Playboys Out of Sight (Original Mix) Instant Vibes
17 Beyond Therapy, EchoFly, Angie Brown Higher (Beyond Therapy Extended Rave Mix) Champion Records
18 Case 82 Elevate Your Love (Original Mix) Elektroshok Records
      13monkeys Records
Episode 80 - TVT Takeover on Breaks FM 10 July 2021 - C Smoove

Episode 80 - TVT Takeover on Breaks FM 10 July 2021 - C Smoove

July 12, 2021
1 Future Flex Take Me Higher (Original Mix) Hardcore Energy
2 -Urbano- Give Me The Funky Beat (Original Mix) 13monkeys Records
3 Mungo's Hi Fi, Gardna, Catching Cairo Back In the Dayz (Original Mix) Scotch Bonnet Records
4 Digital Base, Andy Vibes Bad Selection (Original Mix) Old Skool Records
5 Rennie Pilgrem Sp ace2feel (Original Mix) Pretty Decent Music Records
6 Herve Together (Illegal Bass Extended Mix) Hardcore Energy
7 Skream Trees (Original Mix) IFEEL
8 DJ Icey All The Time (Club Mix) Zone Records
9 Desma Giving It Up (Original Mix) Wasted
10 Bubble Couple This Music Like A Drug (Original Mix) Distorsion Records
11 Lowco Lights Out (Original Mix) Punks
12 Mtwn, Fearful 8's & Nine's (Original Mix) YUKU
13 SellRude Underground (Original Mix) Spektra Recordings
14 Pavane Souls (Original Mix) Dizzines Records
15 UFO Project I Need U (Original Mix) Alkimia Recordings
16 FurBass Hunter (Original Mix) Bassrock Records
17 Tedy Leon Jaypo (Original Mix) Diablo Loco
18 The Darrow Chem Syndicate No More Do D.A.T (Perfect Kombo & Hankook Remix) Nipponeer Records
19 Ondamike Murder (Original Mix) Ravesta Records
Episode 79 - C Smoove on the TVT Takeover on Breaks FM 12 June 2021

Episode 79 - C Smoove on the TVT Takeover on Breaks FM 12 June 2021

July 1, 2021
1 Myron We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix) White
2 Pevan St Everett  Gabriel (Large Joints Remix) Locked On
3 MJ Cole and Curtis Mayfield  Bran Van 3000 ?
5 Indo R U Sleeping? (Bump & Flex remix) Ministry Of Sound
6 DJ Bross Stherma Original Mix ?
7 Lenny Fontana  Spirit of the Sun (Bump and Flex Remix) Public Demand
8 Brasstooth Celebrate Life (Original Mix) White
9 SYD, Disclosure, Kehlani Birthday (MJ Cole Remix) Universal-Island Records Ltd.
10 Funk Junkies   Got Funk (Heavy on da Bass Mix) EDIT White
11 Brown & Cole Our Destiny (MJ Cole Dub) Prolific
12 Deekline Be Happy Club VIP 3 Beat
13 NAVOS Believe Me (MJ Cole Remix) Universal-Island Records Ltd.
14 Bonobo, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Heartbreak (Original Mix) OUTLIER
15 DJ Icey Let It Out Zone
16 Colombo Uh Baby Original Mix ?
17 Case 82 I Just Wanne (Original Mix) 13monkeys Records
18 Digital Base, Andy Vibes Como en los viejos tiempos (Original Mix) Old Skool Records
19 Raze Break 4 Love (Child of the 90s Remix) ?
21 CRISP BISCUIT Don't Go (breaks) Crisp Biscuit
22 DJ DEFKLINE/RED POLO Gypsy Boots Hot Cakes
23 DEFKLINE/ED SOLO Taking It Back (Defkline & Red Polo mix) Hot Cakes
24 MKII Make Me Feel (Original Mix) Hardcore Energy
25 Freestylers Happiness Mamas Pie
26 Tommy Farrow Let's Just  ?
27 MKII Energy 92 (Original Mix) Hardcore Energy
28 Digital Base, Andy Vibes Another Decade (Original Mix) Old Skool Records
29 Stanton Warriors Down On (Original Mix) Punks
30 Sasha, Franky Wah I'll Never Change (LUZoSCURA Edit) Alkaane
31 Stanton Warriors Down On (Original Mix) Punks
32 Sasha, Franky Wah I'll Never Change (LUZoSCURA Edit) Alkaane
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